Important of Vitamin C

Isnin, 17 Julai 2017

Thousands of paper haven been written on the value of vitamin C to our overall health . Many scientists believe the RDA for the vitamin C is way to low.

Dr Pauling , a two time Nobel prizewinner said, this it our  opinion that supplement vitamin c has value for prevention of all for of cancer in healthy human begin and also some benefit in the treatment to patients with cancer in every stage of the disease.

we believe that before long use of this sample , safe and natural and inexpensive subtance will become an accepted part of all regimes for the prevention and treatment of cancer. with the proper use of vitamin C we could cut the cancer death rate by 75% .

Dr Pauling continued : It seem abundantly clear that vitamin C is directly involve in many of natural mechanisms that protect an individual against cancer. Cancer depletes that body's stores of vitamin C and is almost always associated with some measurable impairment of immune system. No matter the treatment , steps should be taken to ensure that the patients vitamin C reserve are kept high in order to allow his protective immune system to function at maximum efficiency

BOOK : Family Health Moden Disease

di atas merupakan coretan daripada buku tersebut. Di sini saya mencadangkan anda untuk mengambil Vitamin C shaklee yang diyakini selamat ,semulajadi dan terbukti

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